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Imagine this...

You know your (or clients') group will need A/V and production, and the hotel has assigned you meeting space, however, you wonder, "Will it fit there?"

Wonder no more. Use WIFT!

WIFT (Will It Fit There?) is a one stop shop for all of your event sourcing and production needs, helping you confirm your group can fit in the suggested space, or determining the amount of space needed for your sized group.

So, the next time you are sourcing an event, or need to know how much space your group needs, make sure to get a WIFT of it!

Production Capacity Calculator

Sqare Feet to Attendees

Use this tool to calculate the ACTUAL amount of space you need for your group, accounting for rear screen production! This calculator was developed to help acquire a more realistic idea of how many attendees a venue can hold, or to calculate the square footage required for your size group.

We created a proprietary algorithm that calculates the space to provide for rear screen production. By doing this, you can get a more realistic idea of the number of attendees you can fit in a particular space, instead of relying on a maxed out spec sheet.

Reverse the Conversion: Convert Number of Attendees to Square Footage